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Melissa Rambles On

...about Knitting, Sewing, Cats & Life


Welcome to my live journal (or blog, if you prefer). Please read a bit about this journal, and then - if you like - a little about me.

About my Journal: Live Journal allows both public and protected ("friends") messages. Because of privacy issues, some of my posts are friends-only, but most posts about knitting, other crafty goodness or generic observations are public. For the time being, commenting is back. Anonymous comments are screened, just in case, but as long as I'm not inundated with spam/trolls, they're allowed.

I am a woman and I have a uterus AND a brain. I occasionally discuss "women things," and politics. I usually put sensitive issues behind cuts. If you don't want to read about it, please don't click on the link and then complain. That goes for any topic. You're welcome here, but don't ask me to edit or censor myself beyond how much I already do. I won't. I'm plenty considerate & give people plenty of opportunity to avoid things they might not want to see/read. It's like if you were visiting my home and didn't like what you found in the basement after I warned you that you might not like what you found.

If you're an LJ user, and you want to be added to my friends list, please reply to one of my posts, asking to be added (please let me know how I know you or how you found my journal), but please note: I'm really serious about privacy. If a post has a little lock on it, then it's not meant to be shared with anyone. If you can agree with this, you can be on my list. If you can't, please stick with the public stuff.

About me: I like to knit and I love Halloween. I also write about knitting and Halloween, but not usually in the same piece. As my handle implies, I'm a cat fancier -- my husband, John, and I live with our blended family of six cats, plus a foster cat who lives in the basement and doesn't want to join the family. I'm a total movie buff & bookworm. I love crafty projects and tend to move from one to the other, but wisely keep all the "stuff" for when my interests circle around again (unfortunately, it's not very organized, so I have three 1/8" hole punchers).

Y'all come back now, ya hear?