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Reviews: a play and a film

Arsenic and Old Lace
In two words: Loved it.

The performance was staged at my niece's school. I think all of the performers were seniors, including the young man that played Mortimer. We know Aaron because he, his brother and their parents are close friends of my brother's family, and are at all the kids' birthdays. I have to say -- I was really impressed. I liked it better than some college plays and some touring "Broadway" plays I've seen. The two girls that played the aunts had their tiny, mincing steps down pat, as well as their very special brand of crazy. Aaron was very good -- he didn't seem at all nervous and had the audience laughing (as he should) in all the right places.

I have issues with parochial schools, having endured five long years in one particular hell hole (different school, same religion), but I'm tentatively impressed with my niece's school. They have extensive fine arts programs, as well as languages; and, I understand, they're adding a robotics class or club. My niece is doing exceptionally well in math, and isn't being discouraged because she's a girl (she won the "Math Bowl" earlier in the week). To give you a comparison: the students in a class a couple of years behind me got to college not knowing how to write a basic essay. We had choir, but nothing else, never any drama, nothing but sports. Only sports mattered. Right after I graduated, they dropped literature from the curriculum. For my chemistry class, we did one experiment in two semesters: mixing baking soda and vinegar. That was in the 10th or 11th grade. I'm reserving judgment for awhile -- I've not encountered a parochial school yet that encouraged independent thinking -- but at least it's a better academic experience than I had. (And she seems to like it, which also helps.)

knitting zombie 4Day of the Dead (Remake)
What was good about it: it was short.

A. The following paragraph may contain spoilers.
B. This picture has nothing to do with the movie, but this post needed another picture.

We love zombie movies, and are usually going to own whatever comes out, regardless of the quality. This movie was, in one word, lame. John is a George Romero fan, as am I. Day of the Dead wasn't my favorite Romero flick, but I liked it. This version bears so little resemblance to the original that the producers and directors should have sucked it up and just gave the movie a different title. Let's see... there are zombies in it (the fast kind (wrong!)), the military (although not entirely relevant to this story line) and a character named "Bud" (not Bub). There are also bits of Resident Evil. The movie doesn't start months into the infestation, but at the beginning. Right off the bat, these zombies climb walls, use tools and follow directions on the radio.

Big surprise that it went straight to video.

stash rio brightsYarn/knitting
I knit throughout the play, since I had nothing but 6.5" of mindless stockinette to do, and could easily focus on the play at the same time. The Knitpicks Options I use don't make any noise, despite being metal. Aluminum needles really click, but the nickel-plated-brass don't. As a result, I'm just about finished with the 4th Christmas hat. Three of the six hats will require a crocheted edge, so they'll be mostly done until I can arrange some help with that.

I went through my stash today, ruthlessly pulling out some skeins. Some (left) will be going to Interim House, and some will stay behind to be used as prizes.

I slept for almost 11 hours last night. I guess I needed it! The play was very entertaining, yet I felt myself wanting to drift off 2/3 of the way through. This was a long week! We successfully launched the new corporate site at work on Wednesday, and it's been a draining experience. At the same time, my car was in the shop and still isn't fixed correctly ($450 later). My arm is 92% better.

I've been craving a real (non-Taco Bell) nacho for several days. The closest place by us has a really sporadic schedule (they're never open when you think they would be, like lunchtime on a Saturday), so John went to another place for me. I'd ordered from there before and found the food to be tasty, but the portion small (it was like an appetizer, and I was starving), so I ordered the next size up. It came in a pizza box. A large pizza box. Most of it is still in the fridge, and I don't think it's going to heat up well.

If you are not someone that I regularly exchange gifts with in the summer, you can check out my gift ideas blog. I'm not trying to torment people, but it's too good an idea not to share.

I've also heard that my nephew, J, was a big fan of the appliqued t-shirts we've made for him, so it looks like a repeat is in order. His birthday is coming soon, so I may do some shirts for that and figure out something else for Christmas (there's time). If you need gift ideas for younger kids, I put together a mini tutorial over on Flickr.
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