Melissa (crazycatladymel) wrote,

Lost & Found

Red NotebookI've had this notebook for close to ten years. It started out life as a planner, picked up for a reasonable price at TJ Maxx, with generic & undated pages that I swapped out for some dated ones. I used it for awhile, then loaned it to my goddaughter, Sarah, who was about 10 at the time. (She's 19 now, almost 20, which is how I'm guessing the book's age.) In truth, I'm quite surprised that I got it back, ten-year-olds being the way the are.

Red Notebook, openIn 2004, it became my knitting project book, with pages and pages of notes, lists of shops, a needle inventory, etc. It wasn't fancy, but it was flexible. I had a couple of plastic sleeves in the back, full of pictures that I could flip to whenever I wanted.

At some point, it went missing. It wasn't just the loss of the notes, which was significant, but the whole past connection with the little red leather notebook created a little ache. It was gone for at least a year, then John found it, just sitting on a shelf in our "library." Ah, I was whole again. Just in time too, because the book I got to replace it was starting to drive me crazy. (Silly notes in Flickr.)
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