Melissa (crazycatladymel) wrote,

Red Scarf Cards

I'm Knitting for the Red Scarf Project (click pic to view card better) I don't know about you, but I knit in public, a lot, and am frequently asked what I'm working on. If it's a charity project, I like to explain a little bit about it. Sometimes, people are interested in the project, and I was thinking it would be nice to have something to hand them. This summer, especially, since I'll be helping out a friend at a Renaissance faire, and my "gig" will simply be me, walking all over, knitting, I will definitely need something to hand over so I break character as little as possible. I thought I'd share some files in case other Red Scarf knitters might be interested.

1. These cards should print out on the perforated cards you can get at any office supply: Generic Cards PDF

2. This document has the gridlines in place, so you can print on plain paper and cut apart the cards manually: Generic Cards with lines PDF

3. Or, if you prefer, you can download this Word document and add your name and blog address: Red Scarf Cards Word Document (in this case, I recommend that you do a Find/Replace All so you don't accidentally mess up the formatting)

ETA: And, if you like it, feel free to snag my avatar (for those of you that use avatars)
Tags: charity, knitting, redscarfproject

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