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Crafty Fun Friday

What? Two weeks in a row?! And this is a long one, because I'm still digging out from my bloglines. I find so many cool things buried in my subscriptions! There are links to sewing, cooking and felting projects. A little for everyone!

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  • Crafty Fun Friday

    This picture goes with the first project in the list: a knitted strawberry. I made this for a swap I did some time back. (knitting) Knitted…

  • Crafty Fun Friday

    Look what I made! This is for the craft show -- not to sell, but to simply show off one of the cupcake flags in action. It's entry #1 in this…

  • Crafty Fun Friday

    Picture from Christmas, of niece K with her new shawl. I'm quite a fan of this pattern -- I've made two of them and even contemplated making one…

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