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As suggested, I'm posting part of my request here to verify my ownership of the blog. If you could remove the cache of the page link I provided, I would greatly appreciate it!


(Everyone else, please ignore!)

Chainmaille Links?

Anyone reading this into making chainmaille (still -- I know some of you were at some point)? I need a handful of smallish links for a necklace; I don't think commercial jump rings are strong enough for my comfort. I'm a fidgeter and don't want to lose the cool new pendants I just ordered. A heavy gauge wire, with the loop about the size of a thicker ball-point pen would be perfect. I can pay, and reimburse for shipping.


I've set the new blog feed to "full," which means that you can see the entire entries right in your Flist (if you add melissarambles to it). I've kept it at "short" in the past because of the possibility of someone lifting my entries out and using them as their own, but there's a chance that won't happen. As long as that's the case, I'll leave it at full.

I hope everyone who has this LJ on their Flist has checked out the new blog! I've not been able to keep this one up-to-date because of the way I'm posting on Blogger. If you add the feed (link above) to your Friend's List, full entries should start showing up soon after they're posted.

In the meantime, I'm trying to get many of my friends' LJs into my Bloglines. I've not been entirely successful, because they don't all have feeds. I need to keep the number of personal sites I hit during the day to a minimum, and my LJ reading has suffered. I'm trying to catch up! (I've been on Ravelry only a handful of times in the last month.)


Woot! Please read the first comment, which solves all the problems. naiad_kitty rules!

If doesn't look like it's possible to add my new blog's feed to your friend's page unless you have a paid or permanent account. If you do, here is the feed URL: If not, I will try to post topics and links over here for as long as I can. I highly recommend feeders like Bloglines or Google Reader.

Posted today:
Hulk review

5:01 PM (etc.)

Crafty Fun Friday

knitted strawberryThis picture goes with the first project in the list: a knitted strawberry. I made this for a swap I did some time back.

(knitting) Knitted strawberry (sewing) Simple Monster Softy

(sewing) Reversible Headbands, via Whip-up

(crafting with kids) Balloon Balls (for fun or squeezing)

(knitting) Easy Vertical scarf (striped, with the right kind of yarn)

(printing) Print Levenger's Quote of the Day on a bookmark. Via[info]fullfaun

Moving (Kind of)

Starting tomorrow, I'll be blogging at I plan on finding a way to keep my posts appearing here -- if I have to, I can copy/paste, but there are other options. LJ just can't do some things I want (like have a comment validation option). I'll be keeping this, for locked posts, and to read my friends list, etc. 
acorn necklace

This & That

My mind has been on an unpleasant topic this week: hate. Why people feel a need to enter a discussion between people of both genders, many religions, races and sexual orientations and spout hateful BS. (Then go back to their little religious group and brag about witnessing to the heathens or complain about being "persecuted.") I've been so angry that I haven't been able to formulate fun or interesting posts for this space. Things have died down and I feel like petting pretty yarn and going to parties (real or virtual) again. In the meantime, I got to meet some pretty fantastic people (this was all on Ravelry): for every hate-mongering jackass dragging my God's name through the mud, there were a couple dozen amazing people to chat with.

I learned something new (and feel kind of dumb for not knowing the source): "Love the sinner and hate the sin" is a quote from Ghandi. I knew it wasn't in the Bible, but love that it came from the same man that said: "I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. They are not like your Christ." (Not holding up Ghandi as an example of a perfect man, just find it ironic that the quote that lots of people that call themselves Christians use came from someone who was not remotely interested in being a Christian.) For the record, I'm a Christian, and have a small number of Christian friends, but do not identify with any denomination or belong to any church. (It's complicated.)

I want to go shopping! I need summer tops and probably shoes, and definitely socks, but I'm not in the mood to shop for those things; however, I will buckle down and get some of that shopping done this weekend, because there is nothing worse than having to wear a long-sleeved, black acrylic sweater to work on a 90-degree day because I fell asleep before the few shirts that were appropriate (weather-wise) into the dryer. Shopping for clothes is not my ideal activity, but I like sweating in black acrylic less.

Craft show update: matchboxes are done (8 sets). I'm about half finished with felt bowl #10. I've been working on signage and bag toppers. I'm obviously putting off the sewing, hoping to be more in the mood. Still really looking forward to the show!

Coming up:
Saturday, June 14: Worldwide Knit in Public Day. I still haven't decided where I'm going.

Thursday, June 26: Saucy's Wedding Party. My post is ready. The problem when you write something in advance: the longer you have to edit it, the more times you read it and the more times you tweak it. My entry has been tweaked a lot, but it's a picture-filled start-to-finish recap, with virtually no drama: just the good stuff.

Saturday, Jun 28: A Fanciful Twist's Mad Tea Party (of the costume variety)

Friday, July 11: Hellboy II comes out. My love for Hellboy cannot be explained. I now have all the animated DVDs and at least the first five volumes of the collected comics (some of which were Valentine's Day presents). Four more weeks to go!

Friday, August 8: IH Contest ends (start date not yet announced -- probably July 1). Oh, it's also my birthday.

Saturday, August 23: Craft Show @ Holly Library 9:30 - ?